Fauxwood Plantation Shutters Give Style Antebellum

Fauxwood Plantation Shutters Give Style Antebellum. One of the most romantic periods of architecture and interior designs is referred to now as the antebellum period, which literally translates as 'before the war' - in this case, the American Civil War. In particular, the antebellum design refers to the old South, with elegant plantation homes appearing in the early 1800s, characterised by Greek or Classical revival touches or the grand federal style. Today, this period is much sought after by home designers and interior design professionals, and in much demand now are those companies offering faux wood plantation shutters.

It is faux wood plantation shutters which immediately give visitors the unmistakeable feel of the old Southern charm, with their classical design evoking all the romanticism of the period, with a modern twist. Because faux wood plantation shutters are constructed from PVC based materials, they retain all the appearance of real wood, with none of the old fashioned downsides. Faux wood plantation shutters do not split, warp or crack in the way that their wooden equivalents have always had a tendency to do.

No one entering the room would be able to tell that your faux wood plantation shutters were anything but the real thing, allowing the light outside to filter across the room in an unmistakeable way that diffuses the light without restricting it.

One mustn't forget of course that faux wood plantation shutters are chosen not just for their appealing look and evocative style and charm, but for the practical ways in which they can provide both privacy and style, with much more flexibility and durability than almost any window blind equivalent. Fully closed, faux wood plantation shutters will block out a significant proportion of light, and guarantee complete privacy and peace of mind. With the slats partly open, an attractive view is available from the inside, with a beautiful diffused light effect entering the room, and with the window open, a breath of fresh air will circulate the room, whilst still providing reasonable privacy.

The faux wood plantation shutters are able to be opened fully, or the top half or bottom half opened separately, adding to the flexibility and style you wish to have. Painted or varnished wood, especially in damp areas of places which are exposed to a significant quantity of daylight are likely to deteriorate over time, peeling, cracking or splitting, with the wood itself warping over time leaving a less than perfect fit, not to mention a less than perfect appearance. Maintenance, at both cost and time, will be necessary to keep the shutters looking as good as they should. However, with faux wood plantation shutters the problems are negligible, with the finish resistant to cracking, splitting or peeling, even in the harshest conditions

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