Aurora capitulo 115 | Ver Aurora capitulo 115

Aurora capitulo 115 | Ver Aurora capitulo 115. If you Soap Opera lovers, check it out..This chapter for the day Thursday April 14, 2011. We hope you enjoy this great soap opera. .

Aurora : a beautiful 20 year old Lorenzo falls in love intensely Lobos, being pregnant with him when he was still almost a teenager. Their parents to learn of this relationship, separate from the young. Lorenzo, believing it to Aurora who do not want to see again and again, ignoring the existence of the baby, also decided to leave it. After a few months White was born and discovers that Dawn is a victim of a terrible disease, for which so far has not found the cura.Mediante a complicated process, he manages to take a freezing Aurora necessary to preserve that that science in progress to find a cure, as the only hope of not losing his daughter to siempre.Es and spend 20 years in the history and long-awaited day arrives for the parents of the girl, when Aurora wakes from its long slumber.
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