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Charlie Chaplin Biography. Charlie Chaplin that has the full name of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, Jr.. KBE was born in East Street, Walworth, London, 16 April 1889 died in Vevey, Switzerland, December 25, 1977 at the age of 88 years. Charlie Chaplin, is a British comedy actor who is one of the famous movie actor in Hollywood history in the era of black and white film, as well as a successful film director. Acting on the silver screen makes Charlie Chaplin as one of the best clowns and mime artists are often used as role models for artists in the same field.

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most influential and most creative in the era of silent film. In his films, Chaplin was known like cum-double, from the main role, director, playwright, until the filler music illustration. Career in the entertainment lasted for 65 years, pioneered as a child actor on stage and performing comedy Victorian music hall in England, and continued working until before he died at the age of 88 years. Chaplin's life full of ups and downs, ranging from childhood wrapped in poverty, until he reached the peak of fame Hollywood star and a symbol of culture. His private life is sparkling invite many compliments as well as controversy.

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In his films, Chaplin often portray the character "The Tramp", a drifter who has a cut whiskers plots etiquette and dignity of a nobleman. Costume narrowness of jacket, pants that are oversized, as well as everywhere carrying sticks and wearing a top hat. Chaplin went on stage the first time in 1894 when he was 5 years old. Without prior preparation, in a theater in Aldershot, Chaplin suddenly asked to replace her mother. While still small, Chaplin was seriously ill and had to lie in bed for weeks.

At night, her mother sat in the window frame, recalled as he dramatizes the events on that day. Chaplin went on stage with the first time get paid after joining a group of dancers of The Eight Lancashire Lads which stages performances in the British music halls. In 1900, with the help of Sydney, Chaplin, who was 11 years old get a role as a cat in a comical pantomime Cinderella at the London Hippodrome. In 1903, Charlie Chaplin appeared in Jim: A Romance of Cockayne, followed his usual role as a newspaper delivery boy Billy in Sherlock Holmes, who continues to be lived up to the year 1906.

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