Atlanta Thrashers Moving to Winnipeg

Atlanta Thrashers Moving to Winnipeg | Atlanta Thrashers in Winnipeg. And agreement on the sale of the Atlanta Thrashers of the National Hockey League to a group of Winnipeg, which is planning to franchise the Manitoba capital. Sources have confirmed tonight that preparations are underway for Tuesday's announcement said the sale and transfer of Thrashers True North Sports and Entertainment, which owns and operates the Manitoba Moose of the AHL hockey and instead of the MTS Centre will be the NHL team a new home. The expectation is Gary Bettman, commissioner of the National Hockey League, travel to Winnipeg to get news.

The declaration of ending months of speculation about whether one of the NHL teams in financial difficulty Sunbelt America can move north, and fill the void left by the aircraft and baggage and left Winnipeg to Phoenix 1996, where he Coyotes. A lot of talk this spring, focusing on the elections, which was purchased by the university after the placement of the bankruptcy of former owner Jerry Moyes in 2009.

But sources in Winnipeg, suggest that the Thrashers were in fact the main goal of home ownership Chipman, Mark Thompson and David all the time, and a few months, the Council approved the sale and transfer of the NHL team in the Pacific Pending negotiations, an agreement between the purchase of the Atlanta Spirit LLC, the owners of the Thrashers, and geographic north.

In the meantime, do not come true potential owner who is willing to keep the team in Georgia, and local authorities had no interest in supporting and mocking. Panel asked to Winnipeg, where it seems that this spring Coyotes may also be in the game after reaching an agreement with the sales team at Matthew Hulsizer approved the issuance of bonds of the municipality has collapsed against the political opposition Goldwater Institute, which seemed suddenly to exploit a market for buyers, with both teams available and not the owners of any other potential site or resettlement in sight.

After the city of Glendale has approved 25 million dollars in losses Coyotes coverage for the 2011-2012 season, the NHL club opted to run in Arizona and at least another year, and the real goal of full employment in Korea North has paid back in Atlanta and an agreement was reached this week.

Before final negotiations took place and concluded that the potential owners of Winnipeg, Manitoba sign an agreement with the Government that the use of proceeds from a sports bar with a slot for improvements in the arena to service the debt will be used on the building he can.

This is consistent with Manitoba, Greg Selinger, minister said earlier this week when he said that the provincial government has no interest in supporting the hockey team, but that the province had financially supported the renewal of central trading system multilaterally in the past and remain prepared to do.

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