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IQ Test | IQ Test Benefits. IQ is a number based on the intelligence of someone who shared intelligence scores. Intelligence is meant is the ability of human beings in general (in the case in general). While Talent is the ability of human beings in specific areas / certain. For example in the field of academics : Talent verbal (language), numerical aptitude (counting numbers), thoroughness, abstract thinking and so forth. There is also talent in the field of arts, sports, skills and so forth. But the talents are thus more easily observed in a person through a person’s proficiency in the field. And achievements. As for talent will we measure with tests is a special ability that belongs to someone who is abstract the necessary tools to know / measure it. That’s called double talent. Tests are undertaken yesterday was an IQ test to measure intelligence and aptitude tests to measure the multiple special abilities that we have. The result is a number / score.

To test yielded an IQ score ranging from 70-169. with the translation as follows :
  • 140-169 : Very superior (very clever)
  • 120-139 : Superior (clever)
  • 110-119 : High Average (above average)
  • 90-109 : Average (average)
  • 80-89 : Low average (below average)
  • 70-79 : Borderline (slow learning)
While the results of aptitude tests, figures obtained range from 000-100. the higher figures obtained showed higher talents in the field.
Usability Tests IQ and Talent Test

IQ Test
  • Able to know the intelligence possessed.
  • Able to see the extent to which the potential can be developed to the fullest.
  • For the creation of a level of intelligence with learning results achieved (if high IQ should have high academic achievement as well)
  • To detect learning difficulties caused by the factor of ability or other factors such as laziness, etc..
  • For consideration in choosing the level of short / long.
Talent Test
  • To find out the specific capabilities they own.
  • To detect learning problems which are owned primarily on the acquisition of material lesson.
  • To choose further education who wish to enter.
  • Selecting appropriate teaching materials with the ability.
How Responding Test
The test results we do not absolutely 100% correct. There are figures, although the possibility of prediction error was small. If children get a low score does not need to feel inferior or discouraged because of the success of one is not absolutely determined by the high number of our intelligence but also much influenced by other factors such as effort, hard work, fortitude, perseverance, patience and prayer.

While the IQ test is to simply give a picture / portrait of us that next we will follow up with appropriate ways. If low ability is not enough to learn only in passing. Similarly, if high test results also do not provide benefits if not honed to the max. The aptitude tests we consider as an information guide us to know the specific potentials may not yet clear which actualized the surface so that it became clear we want to direct potential is developed

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