Tips to prevent acne

Tips to prevent acne | Tips to prevent Pimples. Better to prevent than cure. It also includes in preventing acne. Pimple that grows on the face can make us look less good. In addition, acne scars are usually not immediately disappear from your face. So in addition to treating existing acne, should also take steps for prevention of acne that does not interfere with the appearance of annoying. Here are tips to prevent acne

Acne Treatment | Acne Treatment NaturallyDiligent cleaning your face
One cause of acne is dirt and bacteria attached to the face. By washing your face or wipe your face using a cleansing milk to get rid of dirt and bacteria.

Get rid of facial hair
Hair will become dirty and greasy while we perform daily activities. When hair touched his face, then the dirt can be moved to our face and can cause acne.

Wash your pillowcase and sheets regularly
The hair is dirty or unclean face can cause germs and dirt moving in a pillowcase or bed linens when we use a pillow. Then, at other times when his face against the pillow, back against the dirt on our faces.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Consuming enough water can help the body remove toxins and substances are not useful in the body, so as to reduce the risk of acne.

Using a mask to prevent acne on a regular basis.
By using a mask of honey and lime juice. This can help eliminate bacteria and oil on the face.

Reduce the use of cosmetics
Using cosmetics can clog the pores of the face. These blockages create the pores do not breathe properly. Choose cosmetics that are water which can reduce the potential incidence of acne than oil-based cosmetics.

Do not squeeze pimples existing
Dirty hands when you grab and squeeze acne triggers the increased oil and dirt in the face. When the squeeze pimples, there are layers beneath the skin can become damaged and cause facial oils spread to other parts of the face so that acne arises more and more

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