Wentira : Mysterious Cities in Palu

Wentira : Mysterious Cities in Palu. In the area of ​​the city of Palu, known about the existence of a mysterious town called Wentira. and according to some stories, Wentira Citizens do not have a dividing line above the center of the lips, just like a normal human. In the colonial era in Indonesia once, reputedly one of the planes seen from the air about the city that is very grand and modern, but when searched, the city that never exist

According to local belief, called Wentira or Uwentira area is the area now known as the coffee plantation area, in the way of the Trans Sulawesi, South Sulawesi shaft - Central Sulawesi. In the vicinity there is no residential population only trees towering whitish colored marked by a bridge which is said only people who can see things occult was the one who can see if it turns out that bridge is the gateway for entry to the Kingdom Wentira mystical. Is Wentira really exist? God only knows

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