Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

Diseases Caused by Air Pollution. Air pollution can cause health problems in humans through a variety of ways, including by stimulating the emergence or as a trigger number of diseases. Affected groups, especially infants, the elderly and low-income groups usually live in large cities with environmental conditions and poor housing.

There is a strong correlation between air pollution with chronic bronchitis (chronic). Although smoking is almost always the highest order as a cause of chronic respiratory disease, sulfur oxides, sulfuric acid, and nitrogen dioxide pertikulat been demonstrated as a cause and originator of brochiale asthma, chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema.

The results of research in the United States about the 70's showed chronic bronchitis affects 1 in 5 American men aged between 40-60 years and the situation is related to smoking and living in urban areas where the air polluted.

The actual relationship between air pollution and health or the onset of the disease it causes is still a very complex problem. Many other factors that will determine this causal relationship. However, from a statistical and epidemiological data of this relationship can be seen with the real.

Diseases caused by air pollution are :
  1. Bronchitis chronica. Influence on women and men more or less the same. This proves the prevalence is not influenced by the kinds of daily work. By cleaning the air may occur a 40% reduction of mortality.
  2. Pulmonum emphysema.
  3. Bronchopneumonia.
  4. Asthma bronchiale.
  5. Cor pulmonale kronikum. In industrial areas, Czechoslovakia for example, found a high prevalence of this disease. Similarly, in northern India, residents live in mud houses with no windows and using fire wood for home heating.
  6. Lung cancer. Stocks & Campbell found the mortality in non-smokers in the city area 10 times greater than rural areas.
  7. Heart disease, also found two times greater morbidity in areas with high air pollution. Carbon-monoxide was found to cause harm to the heart, especially when there have been signs of previous ischemic heart disease. The affinity of CO to hemoglobin is 210 times greater than O2 so if CO Hb levels equal to or greater than 50%, will be necrosis of heart muscle. Lower levels than it had been able to disrupt the physiology of the heart.
  8. Gastric cancer, found twice as much in areas with high pollution.
  9. Other diseases, for example irritation of the eyes, skin and so many are linked to air pollution. Also impaired child growth and hematologic abnormalities ever published. In Russia have found the barriers the formation of antibodies against influenza vaccin in urban areas with high pollution levels, whereas in other areas of the normal formation.

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