Orange juice can relieve anger

Orange juice can relieve anger. There are many ways you can do to reduce anger, such as listening to music with gentle rhythms or just take a deep breath. However, there is one unique way that proved quite effective, that is by drinking a glass of orange juice. This method does not change someone to be really patient and forgiving, because at some point the anger will still appear. But at least the mixture of sugar in lemon juice can make the limit of patience looser than they should.

The key is not contained in orange juice, but in a simple glucose or sugar in drinks. In the blood, glucose was also sent to the brain as a source of energy, among others, it is useful for controlling temperament and other negative emotions. The lack of sugar supply to the brain can lead to uncontrolled negative emotions, thus becoming more aggressive and irritable. That is why, to some extent the orange juice sweetened with sugar can reduce the outburst.

Benefits of sweet orange drink is not only theoretically, because the team from Ohio State University have proved it recently. Carrying 62 high school students involved in an experiment led by Professor Brad Bushman. Students are divided into two groups, each given a drink of orange juice were equally sweeteners. The difference is, one group using a sugar-sweetened, while another group using glucose-free artificial sweetener.

Once given a pause of about 6 minutes to allow time for the absorption of sugar into the blood, all participants were asked to undergo a test reaction. Each child provoke one another to disrupt the vote. The group that received artificial sweeteners more easily provoked and angry while looking for the source of the annoying sound that way aggressive.While those who drank orange juice with sugar sweeteners have a situation more noisy and also a longer time before they provoked anger.

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