Hair Loss Treatment in Women

Hair Loss Treatment in Women. For women the hair is a crown, one woman's beauty is good hair. That is why many women are very concerned about the health of her hair. And not a few women lose confidence because of hair loss. Hair Loss Treatment for women into something that is identified by the women who experience hair loss and said to himself "stop hair loss now." Here are some hair loss treatment in women who have to be done. For women who experience hair loss must read.

Hair Loss Treatment in women ;

Hair Loss Treatment in Women
Internal treatment.
Nutrients that enter the body plays an important role for healthy hair. Normal hair needs some kind of vitamins and minerals to maintain health, such as vitamin B6, vitamin E, minerals, folic acid, zinc, and iron. All of this is better obtained from daily food intake, as well as the natural way for example by drinking green bean stew on a regular basis because the green beans are very rich in vitamin B complex. If you intend to take supplemental vitamins and minerals then follow the proper dosage. Such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, excess of anything will cause adverse effects, such as an overdose of vitamin A can cause hair loss is the opposite. Avoid eating junk food because it should be remembered that junk food can slow down the growth of new cells.

External treatment.
The treatment is done from the outside was no less important, such as :
  • Scalp Treatment. It seems very necessary, because this is where embedded hair roots. Do not let the event of injury or irritation on the scalp, so if you do not itch scratched his scalp. Also, do not scratch / massage your scalp when shampooing too hard so as not to cause wounds in the scalp which ultimately can cause damage to the hair root. Avoid drying my hair with high heat, chemical treatment on the hair without doing regular maintenance thereafter, using a hair stylist who use high heat such as hot rollers, straighteners vise etc..
  • Daily Care. Daily maintenance is the key to everything. If your hair is dirty quickly it would not hurt does not hurt to wash every day with a gentle shampoo. Do not forget to comb her hair every day to flatten the existing natural oils on the scalp. Always select a soft brush and the hair ends, not sharp, to avoid the scalp wound.
  • Maintenance of Activities. No less important is to protect the hair and scalp from the hot sun that can cause dryness and eventually damage.
In women, the fear of experiencing hair loss is something that is reasonable because the hair is a crown of woman is of course very important for women, if you still feel scared ? it's good if you read how to overcome fear.

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