How to Overcome Fears

How to Overcome Fears. Fear is one of human nature and form of this fear eventually cause mental illnesses such as fear, anxiety, stress, sadness. Fear is an instinct we as sentient beings. For example, when we crossed the road, we'll look at the left-right look to make sure we do not run over. Fear is natural that the basic survival of our ancestors from the time before homo sapiens because if not we been extinct since the old times. Fear is based on the facts of nature. So there are clear parameters that why we fear so we anticipate the action. Make you want to overcome fear, hopefully this article can be reduced or if it can overcome the fear you feel.

How to Overcoming Fear

Overcome Fears|How to Overcome Fears
First you have to do is to change the fear you feel, change your focus from fear to love, from worrying about getting optimistic. Realize that fear is nothing more than an illusion that is not necessarily occur. Love what you do with all my heart. Ignore the worries and get rid of standards, rules, or conviction made by another person because only you who know themselves what is best for you.

Second, build communication with yourself. Ask yourself every time you feel worried, "Does this concern bring good or harm me?". Tell yourself that you love yourself as you are. Nobody in this world that determines your happiness except yourself. Not parents, not the boss, not your spouse.

The latter is the practice to stop thinking about the future and spend your time as much as possible in the present. That means your mind and body are always in sync, rather than body here but the thought floated everywhere. Fears, anxiety, pessimistic just because we think too much about the future. With our focus to the present we have become more energy and power to obtain happiness today.

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