EHEC Virus | EHEC Virus Symptome

EHEC Virus | EHEC Virus Symptome. EHEC Virus is currently a very feared and Cases make clear what level of risk posed by EHEC-Virus. EHEC virus was detected in Diepholz. What are the typical symptoms of EHEC infection ?

EHEC Virus Symptome
Symptoms : The virus has EHEC diarrhea and kidney failure.
Patients usually complain of abdominal pain nausea and vomiting. Add to that the diarrhea, watery bleeding is an indicator of infection with EHEC pathogens. Number of cases registered every year until 1200, has reached the mark 400. According to press reports some patients floating in mortal danger. EHEC infection is very serious what makes HUS.

HUS : hemolytic uremic syndrome disease
This means drug hemolytic-uremic syndrome. pathogens kidney damage, there is anemia (anemia). The HUS can cause kidney failure and death. While in hospital, patients struggle with death, are experts continue to search for the cause of EHEC pathogens. Because the accumulation of unusual, experts from contaminated food.

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