Harold Camping Wrong Again

Harold Camping Wrong Again. after hiding for three days, because of his prediction is missed, Harold Camping try again assured that the end will surely come. After yesterday told 21 May, this time, he estimates that the Last Day will arrive on 21 October, five months and down from previous predictions. Will Harold Camping Wrong Again? Clearly Harold Camping will be wrong again, because only God knows when Doomsday will occur

Not just this time Harold Camping Wrong again when making predictions. In 1994 Harold Camping is also wrongly predicted the Doomsday coming. But strangely though it proved to fail time (1994), Harold Camping is still able to deceive thousands of people to become followers. Remarkably for months, Camping and his followers spread throughout the world about the coming of Judgement Day on 21 May. Campaigns spend millions of dollars that lasted through billboards, television, radio, and Internet.

Harold Camping Wrong AgainAfter coming day (21 May) was not proven to Harold Camping seems to have a sense of shame as well. Together with his wife until they fled to a motel because doomsday is not coming as well as he believed. After three days of Harold Camping disappear reappear with new predictions. Doomsday comes off May 21 and adjourned until October 21 this year. According to him, the process of destruction on 21 October will take place very quickly. "On October 21, you all will release the world's wealth," said Camping in the show "Open Forum" at the Family Radio hers. Perhaps for fear of return is not proven to forecast this time he will no longer campaign to welcome the coming apocalypse.

When announcing the new doomsday, Camping admitted he had made a mistake. Still, he emphasized that prediction errors do not interfere with his mind. "If people want me to apologize, I will apologize," says this Christian Evangelical flow.

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