Juan Ramon Saenz

Juan Ramon Saenz. The communicator Juan Ramon Saenz, who 15 years ago rose to fame as head of the radio program 'hairy hand', has died at age 47, victim of respiratory failure due to a gastrointestinal bacteria. Carlos Suarez, a friend of the deceased, said that last week, Saenz entered the hospital emergency when he presented severe stomach pains and doctors determined it was due to an infection.

A few days ago, the renowned radio announcer stopped working in the program 'Exalofrío' chain Exa FM 104.7 FM for reasons unknown. Also excelled in the TV show 'Come joy' in the 'here fear is breathed. On 18 May, Juan Ramon Saenz sent the last message to his followers, through Facebook, while Twitter was announced on 19th of this month with the host Maggie Hegyi. Several of his supporters have expressed their condolences to the family through social networks. Many of them identified the former head of 'hairy hand' as a great person, great friend, hard worker, responsible and talented.

It is recalled that four years ago, Saenz suffered from polyps with dysplasia, he is survived by his wife Rosario and her son Juan Ramón six years.
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