Food list for Diabetics | Food for Diabetics

Food list for Diabetics | Food for Diabetics. If you Diabetics, sometimes hard to find food for diabetics. Afraid that the sugar content of foods can improve blood sugar levels. There are several types of food that remains safe for consumption by diabetics, without having to suffer with the taste. What are the food for diabetics ? Well, I give you Food list for Diabetics, here is food for diabetics ;

Food for a diabetics ;
All types of vegetables have lower calories, and rich in fiber. Due to the high fiber, making your stomach feel full faster, thereby reducing the consumption of rice is quite high sugar content. If you feel less satisfied because the rice used, you can replace starchy vegetables, like potatoes or corn.

Fruits have many advantages together with the vegetables. The majority of the fruit contains fiber and low in fat and low in calories than other foods. Fruits contain natural sugars that will not make blood sugar shot up. But there are several kinds of good fruit to be consumed by diabetics, that is all kinds of berries. In addition to its taste is not too sweet, kind of berry-berry also contains antioxidants that are good for the body.

Grains such as soybeans, peas not only as a source of fiber that make you feel full longer, but also nuts help keep blood sugar levels in normal circumstances. Breakfast menu is healthy and also tasty cereal or oatmeal. Contains high fiber and a source of energy to start the day. Eating cereal is not only good for diabetics but also good for your healthy heart.

Fish is a source of protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for heart health, and avoid the bad cholesterol. And usually people with diabetes had higher levels of HDL, ‘good cholesterol’ in small amounts.

Chicken breast
Though chicken breast is the most free of fat than any other part. So it does not increase the saturated fat in the body.

Nuts are also sources of protein sources other than vegetable fat is good for heart health. Fat has even been shown to help reduce insulin resistance and make blood sugar easier to control. Nuts are also a source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects cells of the eye and also full of fiber and magnesium, both of which can help regulate your blood sugar.

Olive Oil
Olive oil has always believed very good for the heart. Fat content helps reduce the risk of heart disease and has been shown to help maintain stable blood sugar levels by reducing insulin resistance.

Yogurt is also rich in protein and calcium. In addition to maintaining weight loss is more stable, yogurt also balancing the insulin levels in the body
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